Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bacon Skewers

Lancaster County is known for smoked meats not the least of which is bacon. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that made their living smoking meats and selling them at market. My earliest memories include getting up in the wee hours of the morning to make the long drive to a Philadelphia market, set up the stacks of smoked hams, sliced bacon, coils of sausage and bricks of scrapple. It will not surprise you that today, I still have the best bacon available to me and I use it in every variation you can imagine. I even vacumn pack it and ship it to my friend Liza way out in Utah.On her last visit she brought me a wonderful book titled Seduced by Bacon (written by Joanna Preuess with Bob Lape). This amazing book, with recipes that include bacon ice cream, maintains that Americans have an ongoing love affair with bacon. My breakfast table would verify that finding. No matter how much bacon we make there is seldom any left. Our favorite way to make it is on skewers, baked served as a
side to a sweet breakfast of waffles or pancakes with variations include a sprinkling of coarsely ground pepper before baking, or topping with brown sugar and pecans. I am sure as I make my way through this book I will find numerous other ways to showcase this favorite breakfast treat.
Just a note to using good quality bacon. Well cured bacon has less water content than its less expensive alternatives. It will shrink less and works much better for these skewers.


2 slices well cured bacon, per skewer
1-2 bamboo skewers per person

Thread 2 slices of bacon onto each bamboo skewer. Do not soak in water prior to using as the fat from the bacon will work fine. The ends of the skewers brown some but they do not burn.
Place on a baking pan propping the one end of the skewer on the edge. This allows the fat to drain off as they bake.

Bake 25-30 minuites in a 325-350 oven. Check after 15 minuites as bacon differes greatly and thinner slices will brown more quickly. It is finished when uniformly brown and crisp.

Swiss Woods
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  1. Sounds delicious, Debbie. Thanks for sharing. A question: Do you remove the bacon from the skewer to serve, or serve it on the skewer?

  2. We serve them just like that.. as a side to eggs or pancakes. They are attractive on the plate. I would think you could use small appetizer size skewers to do just one piece of bacon if you wished.

  3. Nice input! This recipe seems to be very easy to cook and yummy as well.Being a Bed& Breakfast owner, I always need some new breakfast recipe to include in the menu. I will definitely try out this one.
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